Error: desk_rt_ipc_error what does this error message mean when trying to connect through Anydesk?

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This error is due to improper network configuration or client-side security software settings.

You should verify that your device’s firewall, antivirus firewall, or network firewall are not causing interference. To do this, please visit What exceptions should I make in my firewall to unblock AnyDesk?

If the network appears to be fine, try the following:

  1. Add /np after the AnyDesk ID or Alias. Image 1

  2. First, connect in file transfer mode.

    If the connection in file transfer mode is successful, you can now connect to view the remote screen. Image 3

If the error appears after a while of attempting to establish a connection or switching from file transfer mode to viewing mode, it’s possible that your video drivers have an issue. We have documented cases where using the incorrect version of Intel video drivers (for example, Atom Z3000 series) can cause this error. Changing the driver version usually resolves the problem.

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