Configure my firewall to work with AnyDesk

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In certain cases, you need to configure your firewall to allow AnyDesk to work well.

Ports & Whitelist

AnyDesk clients use the TCP-Ports 80, 443, and 6568 to establish connections. Please be sure at least one is open.

AnyDesk’s “Discovery” feature uses a port in the range of 50001–50003 and the IP as default values for communication.

Make sure to whitelist AnyDesk for firewalls or other network traffic monitoring software, by making an exception for: *

Hardware/Company Firewall

In the case of an external hardware firewall, it is possible AnyDesk will have to be whitelisted for certain scans like “HTTPS Scanning” or “Deep Packet Inspection”. Please note that these can have different names depending on the manufacturer.

These scans can sometimes interfere with AnyDesk’s secured TLS signal, causing the connection to drop periodically.

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