Unlocking Customization: All About AnyDesk Namespace Addon and How to Get Yours

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What is the AnyDesk Namespace addon?

The AnyDesk Namespace option allows you to specify an individual Namespace available only to you, for example, My.Name@CompanyName.

You can change your AnyDesk address name (for example, 123 456 789) to an alias available in the @AD domain (for example, My.Name@AD). The default Namespace for each user is @AD (for example, you@ad).

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Custom namespaces

Users with Standard and Advanced licenses have the option to acquire their own custom Namespace (you@yourcompanyname), the Ultimate license already includes this. This allows changing or reassigning the Alias registered in this custom Namespace an unlimited number of times.

A custom Namespace can also be very useful for securing your devices in combination with our Access Control List.

Tip: There are two ways to register an Alias in your custom Namespace:

  1. Manually through the Customer Details page in your customer portal.
  2. Automatically by installing a custom client with the key-value pair: ad.anynet.register.add_to_namespace=true
    and the following Custom Client Generator options:
    Automatically register alias*
    Assign to license.

If there are no previous configuration files when installing a custom client with the above options, the device name and your custom Namespace will be automatically registered as the Alias for this client.

Please note that for this to work, there should be no existing configuration files for that type of client on the device.

*Additionally, for custom MSI installation packages, “Automatically register alias” should not be selected when using the aforementioned key-value pair.

How to purchase?

  1. An AnyDesk contract can have a namespace addon added to it.
  2. Each namespace can contain unlimited entries within the namespace (i.e., user1@company).
  3. Contact us if you want to add a Namespace to your current AnyDesk contract.
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