Optimizing Windows Server Connections with AnyDesk: Key Features and Limitations Explained

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AnyDesk makes it easy to connect to Windows servers, including specific user accounts, although there are some limitations due to the operating system’s functionality.

If your license allows it and you have the necessary concurrent connections, multiple users can connect to the server using the same user account and share the desktop image. It’s important to note that only one of them can have simultaneous control.

Please note that if you want to connect to a non-console account using AnyDesk, a user must be logged into that terminal session. So, a Windows RDP session on the specified account must be established in advance to activate the display drivers and broadcast an image.

If you want to allow multiple users to connect to different user accounts on a Windows server, two requirements must be met:

  1. The “Remote Desktop Services” feature must be properly set up and licensed (previously known as Terminal Services).
  2. The aforementioned warning must be followed; in other words, the user account being connected to must have been logged in previously.

Therefore, it is recommended to use AnyDesk on Windows servers to access the administrator’s console account. If remote support for server users is needed, it is preferable to use the portable version of AnyDesk, which ensures a seamless connection to the corresponding user account.

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