Increase Your Managed Devices with AnyDesk Managed Devices Addon (MD)

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The AnyDesk Managed Devices addon (MD) is an additional package that allows you to increase the number of managed devices (with unattended access) included in the basic license.

It’s important to note that each AnyDesk license has a specific number of managed devices (see comparison), so the MD addon allows you to increase this number.

Each MD addon adds 100 devices for unattended access. For example, let’s say you have a Standard license and you need to connect to 650 unattended devices:

Devices included with the license: 500 Remaining: 150 To cover those remaining 150 devices, you would need 2 MD addons of 100 each, which would provide additional capacity for 200 devices.

In another example, let’s say a customer wants to connect to 3500 devices unattended and has an Ultimate-Cloud license:

Included with the license: 2000 Remaining: 1500 To cover those remaining 1500 devices, they would need 15 MD addons.

You can add as many MD packages as needed to a base license to meet the required number of managed devices.

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