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I carry out personalized management programs. I usually install the programs, and over time I make updates that clients ask me for. As well as to install demo programs, and waiting for the client to decide or not to purchase it. I don't go online much, sometimes 3/4 times a week. 2 days ago I installed the free version, to test it, and before I used Teamviewer, but a friend recommended yours to me. And sometimes I install the programs on the client's server, and then I put direct access from the application to the server on each computer. Which version is the one that you advise me?


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Due to the characteristics of the work carried out, the most advisable thing would be a Professional type license.

  • Allows you an unlimited number of devices

  • Has address book

  • Has management features

  • The client is highly customizable

For more information, you can contact our sales team, who will be able to advise you in a more complete way.